Obama’s Alien bodyguard Video is it true.

A very strange video has popped up on the internet of a very very strange individual who was part of the security detail guarding President Obama on his visit to Israel at a  2012 conference. One time if someone had told me Aliens existed i would have laughed, if you had told me we had secret underground bases i would have laughed, if you had told me we have bases on mars and the  moon because we are using secret alien technology and we have been communicating with them for year i would have laughed, if you had told me we have anti-gravity craft i would have laughed and said your crazy but as time wore on and more and more people have come forward and thanks to the internet and especially u-tube where we have access to so much information from highly respected people in their scientific fields who are  very credible coming forward with the most amazing testimonies it blows our collective mind‘s. Whether this guy is a clone (at one time i would have laughed at that idea as well) or not he certainly behaved oddly and his image is an anomaly.  Yes  the video is amusing and off the wall but this is also a serious issue there is so much going on in the world.

   Please have a look and post comments.

video no1 obama’s Bodyguard looks like the mask character.

OBAMA’S ALIEN SECRET SERVICE alien mask bodyguard update


courtesy ufo sightings hotspots blog http://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.co.uk/2012_07_08_archive.html

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