Is David Icke from the Rockefeller illuminate bloodline David Icke Exposed

David Ike is well known for his opposition against the NWO, but he also promotes the same brand of Satanism he decries straight out of the Demon book of Alice Bailey . Icke Loves shamanism and paganism including the Masss murdering  Satanic Mayan cult and their disgusting  demon powered crystal skull worship , the Mayas were responsible for murdering AND ENSLAVING hundreds of thousands of people cutting their hearts out while they were  still alive. Icke especially hates Christianity  claiming it and all major religions are evil(except child sacrificing pagan and shamanic religions)  the major religions he claims were started through out history by shape shifting Lizards who run the Planet. DAVID ICKE I BELIEVE   IS PART OF A LONG TERM PLAN OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER  TO EXPOSE ITSELF SO IT CAN USHER IN THE ANTI-CHRIST AND THE ALIEN SAVIORS WHO WILL CRUSH THE BAD GUYS OF THE ILLUMINATE AND BE PRESENTED BY PEOPLE LIKE ICKE AS THE SAVIORS OF MANKIND.   ICKE  IS A USEFUL TOOL TO DISCREDIT CHRISTIANITY AND PROMOTE THE PAGAN NWO RELIGION.   ICKE RECEIVES MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT GUIDES ( DEMONS FROM HELL), HE HAS BEEN SENT TO DESTROY THE FAITH OF MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS AND TRUTHER’S WHO FOLLOW HIM AS THEIR NEW AGE PROPHET.

David Icke Exposed (Full Movie)

When I first started my mission in the truth movement David Icke was a person revealing information that I thought was truth and a positive addition to the truth information movement. After further examinations years ago I realised I was deceived, heres why……. (Presentation by Chris White)


Man Sees Satan In Hell And Realizes There Is Life After Death!

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