Russia Ready For War, Orders Thousands Of Troops To Border

As has been expected since President Putin on 17 May ordered Russian military forces to “immediately move” from Local War to Regional War operational status and to be “fully prepared” to expand to Large-Scale War should either the US or EU enter into the Syrian Civil War, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is reporting today that thousands of Russian troops have been deployed in “full war mode” and that Israel is now a “major likely target” too.

According to this report, the “surprise alert exercise” Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered last Thursday (24 May) for the Southern Military District involving four regiments of S-300 air defense systems troops combining 8,700 personnel, 185 warplanes and 240 armored vehicles are now positioned to enter into the Syrian War Zone“within hours” to begin offensive and defensive operations.

Even worse, this report continues, Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) troops have likewise been ordered into the Syrian War Zone, including the much feared Zaslon Special Forces units, in order to prepare for the widening of this conflict into what could turn into World War III.

According to all global military experts, this report says, Russia’s Zaslon Special Forces are “so shadowy they make ninjas look like amateurs” and their introduction into this conflict has shifted the balance of power to the point where the European Union (EU) lifted their long standing arms embargo for the radical Islamic rebels (who just hours ago pleaded with the West for immediate weapons shipments) and US President Obama ordered his military commanders to quickly give him a no-fly plan for Syria.

Even though Russia slammed the EU’s plan to arm these Islamic rebels, it also stated that it will not cancel plans to deliver its advanced S-300 air-defence system to Syria despite Western opposition, thus enraging Israel which earlier today threatened an attack on Russian forces attempting to move them into the conflict zone.

To how truly grim the situation has become for the Sunni-Western backed Islamic rebels attempting to overthrow the Assad regime was noted earlier today by a senior Israeli officer interviewed by the Debka File Intelligence News Service who put all these forebodings into words when he said: “A military and strategic catastrophe for the West and Israel is in full flight in Syria, and no one in Washington or Jerusalem is lifting a finger. Israel’s government and military heads never imagined that the Syrian war would take this turn. But we had better wake up at this eleventh hour – before it is too late.Bush’s Invasion of Iraq was Criminal … Obama’s About to Do the Same Thing In Syria syria turkey

As we had previously reported about this conflict, the true intentions of this war are being kept from the Western peoples who mistakenly believe it is about “freedom and democracy,” but is, instead, a strategic plan to capture Syria, destroy its Shiite leadership, and then use its territory to build a massive natural gas pipeline from the Gulf States to the EU thus destroying Russia’s stranglehold on European energy supplies.

Qatar, which has the world’s biggest gasfield, has been working since 2009 to build their proposed pipeline through Syria to Turkey and has, in fact, turned the Syrian War into its own conflict, and as we can, in part, read as reported by the Financial Times News Service:

“In the shell-blasted areas of rebel-held Syria, few appear to be aware of the vast sums that Qatar has contributed – estimated by rebel and diplomatic sources to be about $1bn, but put by people close to the Qatar government at as much as $3bn.Bush’s Invasion of Iraq was Criminal … Obama’s About to Do the Same Thing In Syria 1l image

However, a perception is taking root among growing numbers of Syrians that Qatar is using its financial muscle to develop networks of loyalty among rebels and set the stage for influence in a post-Assad era. “Qatar has a lot of money and buys everything with money, and it can put its fingerprints on it,” says a rebel officer from the northern province of Idlib interviewed by the FT.”Bush’s Invasion of Iraq was Criminal … Obama’s About to Do the Same Thing In Syria oil%2Bpipeline%252C%2Biraq%252C%2Biran%2Band%2Bsyria

Also being kept from the Western peoples about this conflict are Russia’s true intentions and aims, and which were recently articulated by Fiona Hill who is senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and who said:

“…this is a prism that [Putin] brought to looking at most conflicts like the conflict in Syria that threaten the sanctity of a state. Mr. Putin actually came in to the presidency, if you can recall, back in ’99-2000 in Russia, just as the second war in Chechnya was starting off. And he saw that as his biggest challenge of keeping the Russian state together, so it didn’t fall down the same path as the Soviet Union into collapse. And Putin was really brutal in pursuing the war in Chechnya. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the whole course of the conflict, including many civilians.

The capital city of Grozny in Chechnya was reduced completely to rubble, and Putin thought this was worthwhile because it kept the state together. And over the course of the conflict in Chechnya it morphed in the same way that we’ve actually seen in the war in Syria. It went from a conflict that was mostly focused on political secession from, Chechnya from the Russian Federation, and over time, really took on more of an extremist element, more of Sunni extremist groups who moved in to exploit the conflict and also many people who came from outside, including from Syria, to fight in Chechnya.

And Putin is now pretty much concerned that we’re going to see a repetition, the collapse of the state in Syria, knock-on effect for conflicts at home for him as well as more broadly across the whole of the Middle East. And yet again, another collapse of the state, that is something that he would like to see avoided at all costs.

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…these all add to Mr. Putin’s interest in Syria itself, but his overwhelming fear is of the collapse of the state. In addition, in fact, to the two elements that you’ve mentioned in terms of weapon sales and also access to this naval facility at Tartus, there’s also a quite sizeable Russian population, 30,000 people roughly, people who are married to Syrians. There’s also a Russian Orthodox Church interest in the Christian communities inside of Syria. And also, Assad did help Putin in the case of Chechnya.

He prevented a number of groups who were supporting the Chechens, including from a broader ethnic group in Syria that originated in the Russian North Caucasus from collecting money and sending recruits there. But overall, the biggest concern for Putin, having seen what happened in Libya with the fall of Gadhafi and the chaos that’s originated there, as he looks across the rest of the Middle East, he looks at Iraq, he looks at the prospects of Afghanistan after the U.S. withdrawal, he looks at what’s happening in Egypt and across North Africa now, Putin thinks this is just going to be yet another state collapse that’s going to have very negative knock-on effects for Russia, that has also, from his point of view, been battling with extremism now for several decades.

 …it seems that their biggest concern is of the chemical weapons falling into the hands of the opposition, not that they would be actually used by Assad himself. Of course at this particular point, given what seems to be the inevitable collapse of the state structures, this has ratcheted to the top of our agenda, and I think we should be really pushing the Russians on what then they determine to do if there is evidence – there’s already been speculation about the use of chemical weapons, but if there is evidence there that chemical weapons have been used by either side.”

As Russia has moved its naval fleets into the Mediterranean to warn the West and Israel not to intervene in Syria’s bloody civil war, and as it prepares to send its most advanced S-300 missiles to protect the Assad regime from “hotheads” intent on intervention, there appears to be no letup in Western capitols as the push for all-out war from these bankster elites continues unabated

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The Fear That Drives Russia’s Support For Syria’s Assad

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23 thoughts on “Russia Ready For War, Orders Thousands Of Troops To Border

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  2. Thank god someone is standing up to these illuminati swine. My only question is how are the Russians able to defy the Rothschilds?

    • It’s controlled chaos John. Remember the main goal of the Illuminati is to reduce the population of the world to only a mere 500 million so that it’s easier to manage and control the populace.

    • The Russians are Gangsters of the first order. Their money was not taken from the banks. The gangsters got theirs omitted from the confiscation. They own the gas field and Rothchilds need that gas from the Russians and they’d strongly prefer to buy it rather than risk overrun by the Stazi forces if this thing brings full war to Europe (but it won’t go that far). With the Chinese as allies the Russians can defeat Europe in a world war.

      • Neo: On June 1 Tel Aviv begins it’s month long gay pride celebration. Tel Aviv claims to be the “gay” capitol of the world. 20,000 people will arrive there in June to celebrate. God has an oath to protect Isreal, but not Sodom and Gomorra. Wise Isrealis need to leave Tel Aviv NOW.

    • The Russians are just PAWNS too. This is all Hegelian dialectic. Problem reaction solution, Order out of planned chaos. The only thing that really makes sense, as far as geopolitical matters are concerned, is to ask what happens to Israel & anyone who tries to divide up The Lord Almighty’s Land. ((regardless of if it’s currently controlled by the Rothschild luciferian banking cartel)) And if you don’t believe in the Bible, then please just disregard the second part of my comment.

      • Let me be blunt. Even the Rothchilds are scared of the Russian Mafia. That’s why the Rothschilds didn’t steal their money during the bank run. Putin is the chief Mafioso. Russia has more billionaires than the United States. The Rothchilds are to them, secondary. It’s the gas pipeline that matters. Protecting the pipeline that supplies all of Europe with it’s natural gas. The pipeline that belongs to the Russian Mafia. Thank you.

      • Btruth,your right the children of GOD in Israel, were warned to FLEE ISRAEL weeks ago,the LORD told them they were in grave danger,HE’s going to level the place and KILL ALL THE FAGOTS,demons and devil worshippers,thats the bankers………………..

    • I think Russia may be in for a big surprise………….Remember, More than just gas, Israel is defending it’s homeland…………and Israel seems confident that just as in past times when seemingly facing overwhelming Odds, The Biblical God seems to tip things in Israel’s favor…….In Fact, The Biblical God has promised to ultimately clean house in the region, Himself!

    • All the more pertinent since it was the Rothschilds that financed the Russian Revolution (the second one)

  3. World Peace—Why So Elusive?
    The Bible’s answer

    Human efforts to bring world peace have failed and will continue to fail for several reasons:

    “”It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.”” (Jeremiah 10:23)
    Humans weren’t created with the ability or the right to rule themselves, so they won’t be able to achieve enduring peace.

    “”Do not put YOUR trust in nobles, Nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs.  His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; In that day his thoughts do perish”” (Psalm 146:3, 4)
    Government leaders, even those with the best motives, can’t devise lasting solutions for the root causes of war.

    “”In the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be . . . fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride.”” (2 Timothy 3:1–4)
    We live in “”the last days”” of the present wicked world, a time when prevailing attitudes make peace difficult.

    “”Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”” (Revelation 12:12)
    The Devil, God’s enemy, has been confined to the vicinity of the earth and motivates people to adopt his vicious spirit. As long as he is “”the ruler of this world,”” we can never live in peace.—John 12:31.

    “”[God’s Kingdom] will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms [that oppose God], and it itself will stand to times indefinite.”” (Daniel 2:44)
    God’s Kingdom, not any human government, will satisfy our desire for permanent world peace.—Psalm 145:16

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